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From The Inside
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Dear Editor,
The death of Raul Arellano (Jr.) is indeed a tragedy for his family and friends. I have been a health care provider for over 30 years and have been in similar circumstances such as the one you described in your August 12 article. However the article did not include any mention of the impact his death has on those who tried so valiantly to save his life. The description in the article reveals that Raul was already in serious shock when he went to the Emergency Department. When the body is in severe shock, peripheral blood vessels “shutdown” making IV access virtually impossible. The focus of the needs in an emergent situation is not always the same needs identified by an observer (parent). The tension that occurs when a team is working against time to save a life is something that the general public does not understand and is poorly portrayed by current TV shows. Even though I was not present in that Emergency Department, I can assure you that this tragedy will deeply impact all who tried to reverse the process that was taking this young life. Health Care providers are fathers, mothers, sisters, and brothers before they ever add the title of Doctor, Nurse, Tech, or Aide.
My heart goes out to the family, friends, and those at Oak Valley Hospital who are so deeply affected by the loss of this young life.
Glenna Martin, RN