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Decision Time
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Dear Editor,

With November 2nd right around the corner, time has come for our decisions and votes. City of Oakdale candidates for mayor and the two available city council seats have worked hard to differentiate themselves to help us decide.

With the help of the recent candidate forums, it is clear to me that we have choices between candidates who have demonstrated success and candidates who can only talk about future success. Candidates who care about all of Oakdale and those who are passionate about only a single cause in Oakdale. Those who work to help our seniors with affordable housing and those who analytically suggest it will cost too much to do. Those who are involved in the community week after week, and those who we only see every four years or so.

Oakdale will survive no matter what we decide, but it will thrive with the right choices. I will be voting to re-elect Mayor Farrell Jackson. Please be sure and make your choices carefully and please, take the time to express your opinions by voting.

Mike Hancock