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Backing An Incumbent
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Dear Editor,

In these days of fiscal irresponsibility and governmental indifference, I am heartened to see Paul Westberg running again for the Oak Valley Hospital Board of Directors.

Our local hospital is in dire need of good governance and fiscal accountability. I believe that we need Paul Westberg back on the board to restore community faith in our local care facility. Too long have Oakdale residents been faced with the sad reality of bypassing Oak Valley Hospital in favor of Modesto hospitals if they face serious health concerns. We need to restore public faith in the caliber of the medical treatment available to our local community in life threatening situations, In the past emergency care at Oak Valley has been known to be sorely lacking, and has even been met with broad indifference by the hospital administration.

I have personally known Paul for many years and have always been impressed at the care and concern Paul has shown for our local community. He is not a man driven by political ambition, rather he is simply an astute businessman, and a fellow member of our community driven to see our local health care facility raised to a higher standard of care. We need more responsible people like Paul Westberg, that volunteer their considerable talents, skills and services for the benefit of our community!


Paul F. Dimas