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Valley Home News Week of May 22, 2013
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All those who attended the Silent Movies on Sunday at St. Luke'’ Lutheran Church here in Valley Home were in for a special treat. The afternoon showing began with a Charlie Chaplin movie in which the actor really demonstrated his acrobatic talents as an inebriated gentleman arriving home after a big night on the town who meets up with all sorts of obstacles gaining entrance to his home, from losing his house key, climbing through a window, being attacked by stuffed animals, finding his lost key and climbing back out the window to then enter again through the front door. Chaplin really showed off his acrobatic ability as he tried to make his way up the stairs to go to bed only to discover the bed turned into an adversary which made his need to lie down and sleep a real battle. You had to be there to appreciate the ending!

The second film starred Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy as newly hired doormen at an elegant hotel, also gave us a sneak preview of a future famous actress. It was a typical Laurel and Hardy movie with the usual slap-stick comedy in which the comedy duo survived all kinds of problems as hotel doormen to leave behind all kinds of havoc they managed to wreak on the hotel staff and Guests.

The next film starred Stan as a butler who helps save the marriage of his employers after mishaps cause problems for them. If you were quick to spot him, you could also catch a glimpse of the man who would become Stan’s future partner. We were told that the interior scenes were filmed in Oliver Hardy’s home. Lots of fun to watch!

The fourth movie was titled “One Week” and starred Buster Keaton whose acrobatic talents were really put into play as he built a home for his new bride, unaware that her former suitor had mis-numbered the prefab two story home. Although Buster’s adversary is successful, he somehow manages to get the house into something “livable,” only to discover it is on private land and has to be moved. Having done that the couple watch in dismay as they house is destroyed by a passing train.

The wonderful afternoon of comedy was brought to a fun filled end as we all took a ride on a steam engine brought to life by the nimble fingers of Dave Moreno on the church organ. Moreno also provided the entire musical background for the four movies. Matias Bombal returned again to demonstrate his talent as Master of Ceremonies.

Members of the audience retired to the church basement to enjoy homemade pie and ice cream at tables decorated with colorful potted plants which were also available for purchase. Individual pies were also available for purchase as were preordered small pies. Proceeds from the day’s event will be used to provide fund for needed items for the church.


We offer Bryce McKenzie a big round of applause for offering a Lemonade Day Booth on May 18th. Lemonade Day for those who may not be aware of it, is a nationwide program started in Houston in 2007 by a nonprofit organization there, and now involves more than 35 cities and 160,000 kids across the nation. The program offers another important life lesson: helping children to understand their role as contributing members of society. Although children can keep their profits, the Lemonade Day credo of “spend some, save some, share some” prompted last year’s participants to donate an estimated $15,000 to the community in cash, goods or service.