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Valley Home News Week of April 24, 2013
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Whoopee!! We have just received word that the time has arrived for an afternoon of Silent Movie fun, a laugh packed fundraiser for St. John’s Lutheran Church here in Valley Home. Grab a pencil and circle May 19 on your calendars for an afternoon of good old fashioned fun and comedy with Charlie Chaplin and Laurel & Hardy. Chaplin will dispense his style of comedy in a film entitled 1 A-M, and the team of Laurel & Hardy will be offering their style of slap stick comedy in Double Whoopee. There will be a total of four movies shown on that day. We have been unable to announce the titles of the other two movies at this time but we can tell you that one will be another Laurel & Hardy, but will list them when the information becomes available.

Returning once again to take us back to the Silent Golden Age of Comedy is Dave Moreno with his talented fingers producing the musical soundtrack that accompanies the films, played on the historic Church organ. Matias Bombal, with his usual flamboyance will also be on hand demonstrating his talent as M/C and Soloist.

Who could ask for anything more? How about an opportunity to enjoy a delicious piece of homemade pie topped with homemade ice cream served up in the church dining room located in the basement following the movie. The ice cream is free. If you would like a delicious slice of homemade pie with it, it is offered at $3 a slice. If you would like to take home a 5 inch fruit pie (deeper size) of Rhubarb- Strawberry, Raspberry or Apricot, you may call Lois Hofmann at 847-0733, to order now.

There is no charge to view the movies, however a donation is appreciated. So plan on enjoying a wonderful afternoon with friends and neighbors and a glimpse of the Good Old Fun Filled Days of Comedy!


There was a wonderful array of beautiful paintings and photographs displayed at the Oak Valley Art Society Art Show held at the Escalon Library on Saturday and Sunday. We are proud to report that Junior member Bryce McKenzie won First Place in the Youth Division of the Show. There were nine entries in the Youth Division. In addition to his first place award, Bryce also received two Honorable Mentions. Wow, good for you Bryce we are all proud of you! Other Valley Home winners will be listed next week.


Valley Home’s Michele McKenzie shares the following information with us concerning a meeting that she attended, hosted by Mr. Granis and Mr. Pang, with regard to ongoing efforts to make Lone Tree Road (between Victory and Escalon-Bellota) more safe for residents and local vehicular traffic.  The meeting was attended by San Joaquin County Supervisor Ken Vogel and several members of county departments.

The renewed effort picks up where this group left off a few years ago. One of the things that was done in the past was monitor traffic accidents on the roadway. In this regard, they would like continue that effort again by requesting that you, and your friends and neighbors, email Michelle McKenzie any information they may recall pertaining to any and all motor vehicle accidents which may have occurred on Lone Tree Road at or near the intersections with Steinegul and Henry Roads over the past 10 years. This information will be used to supplement the data generated by CHP reports. If you are in possession of any accident reports, and/or photos (CHP/Sheriff’s Dept., Fire Dept, or Ambulance) for such accidents, please forward to my attention.

In the meantime, you may once again see the automated speed trailer/signage, possible striping changes (no passing zones) and stepped up CHP enforcement in this area.