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Valley Home News 3-2-22
Winnie Mullins

I would like to once again say “Thank You” to those of you who continue to keep me in your prayers! I wanted to let you all know, I am doing really well after the heart attack ... still a few issues, but for the most part I am doing really, really well. I am so grateful for your prayers. I hope each one of you are doing well and enjoying good health.


This week I would like to remember a very dear high school buddy. For many of you, you were blessed to have been born and raised in the Valley Home, Oakdale, Knights Ferry or the surrounding area; I love your amazing Mustang Pride! Although I have for many years been blessed to call my beloved Valley Home my home, I cannot completely claim that Mustang Pride the way so many of you can. It is a true blessing that my grandchildren can claim that very special Valley Home and Oakdale Mustang Pride!

For me, I have deep roots here in Valley Home, but I grew up in the Manteca area. I met my husband Richard when I was seventeen and a senior at East Union High School in Manteca. I was blessed to be married to this amazing man for 47 years! The last several years of his life we were very blessed to call Valley Home our home.

A huge “Thank You” to each of you who have been so kind to me and my family over the last several years. Your kindness and caring has carried me through so many things; I very much appreciate each one of you!

This past week has been an emotional week for me. Although I have many close (like family to me) and amazing friends here, I am also very blessed to still have many dear and close friends from my childhood and growing up years in Manteca! This week my childhood friend of almost 70 years drove up from Arizona; we would return to Manteca to be with our East Union High School friends as we said goodbye to our dear friend, Larry Yamasaki. Many of you out here know Larry and cherish him as a close friend.

I want to acknowledge the life of this very special man. In 2019, our East Union Class of 1969, the first graduating class of East Union High School, would get together to plan our 50th year class reunion! Larry was at every meeting; his wonderful sense of humor, his deep sense of loyalty to his friends made him the life of every party ... especially those planning parties! And just so you all know; yes he did remember the East Union/Oakdale High football game of 1969, our graduation year; we just won’t talk about that game!

After attending a beautiful “Celebration of Life” for Larry, Donna and I, along with several other very dear and close high school friends said a final good bye to our very special friend with a glass held high (mine was tea) around a table filled with love for Larry; a devoted husband to Melissa, a loving family man, a man who believed in God … and a best friend to all who knew him! Rest in Heavenly Peace, dear friend.


As always, you may reach me by email at or by telephone at 209-985-5233.

Until next time, “Happy Trails To All!”