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Valley Home News 2-14-24
vh Osmundson

Hello everyone, Nancy Osmundson here once again, filling in for Winnie Mullins.

This week we are spotlighting two Valley Home businesses, Kreative Kennels and Lil Buckaroos Daycare.

Information for Kreative Kennels was submitted by Operations Manager Nicolle Palffy and Christina Barreto provided the information for Lil Buckaroos Daycare.


We here at Kreative Kennels just wanted to take a moment and say Hi! And express our gratitude for the Valley Home community. We have been part of the community since the early “Naughties” having started at the big house on the hill on Sawyer Avenue and then moving to Valley Home Road in 2008. We specialize in working line German shepherds for both families who are looking for a protective member and specialized police dogs with both protection and drug detection capabilities.

We would like to thank the community for enduring and supporting us! We know our dogs can be quite loud, especially around feeding times! We love being part of a small and dedicated community. The majority of our clients always comment on what a lovely and serene environment Valley Home is and they only wish they too could enjoy such country life!


Lil Buckaroos Daycare has been operating on Sawyer Avenue since October 2007 by Christina Matos Barreto. Christina’s daycare originated in Oakdale in September of 2005 after working in the medical field for eleven and a half years for doctors McKernan, Blackhart, Gelders, Cook, and Horwitz. Christina and her family moved out to her parent’s ranch to live close to her mother after her father passed away due to cancer. Christina was seven months old when her parents moved to Oakdale. Christina attended Oakdale Schools and graduated from Oakdale High in 1993. When Christina was in Junior High and High School she babysat for several families and really enjoyed it. She married her husband Duarte “Eddie” Barreto in June of 1996. They had their first child Ashley in March of 1998 and Tyler in October 2003. In 2005 she decided to be a stay home mom due to her son having some breathing problems. She then decided to start a daycare and provide childcare for other families because there was a need at that time. Since operating in the Valley Home area there have been a lot of children that have attended Lil Buckaroos. A lot of children have started anywhere from 8- to 12-weeks old, one that even started at 13 days old until they go to elementary school. A handful of these children have and do attend Valley Home School, where they get on the bus from the daycare and return back on the bus after school. Lil Buckaroos is a daycare on a 10-acre farm that has various small animals for the children to enjoy. They have a fenced playground that’s over 2,000 square feet. Lil Buckaroos Daycare offers a safe loving family atmosphere. All children are treated equally and like Christina’s own. Lil Buckaroos is a Large Family Daycare operated by Christina with the help of her daughter Ashley, VaVa #1 (grandma Matos) and VaVa#2 (grandma Barreto). It is operating at a capacity from newborn to age 10 and has a waiting list. Christina takes pride in the care that she provides. She is told a lot that, “It takes a special person to take care of kids” and some parents even say, “I don’t know how you do it because I can’t even take care of my own.” There are good days and some bad days, but it’s all good. I wouldn’t change it for the world, I love all my Lil Buckaroos!


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