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Valley Home News 12-07-22
Mullins - VH

This week we send our most heartfelt sympathy to our dear friend, Jeff Chrisman and his entire family. Jeff, his wife Sally and their children are residents of our community of Valley Home.

Jeff has spent the past two months at his dad’s side in Burlingame, caring for him during his illness. Jeff and his dad were always very, very close ... they have worked together, they have hunted together ... always a team! This week Jeff’s beloved dad went to be with our Lord and Savior in Heaven. He was a strong believer and taught his three sons to always believe in God, always have faith. He taught his boys to have integrity, morals, treat others with respect and always lend a helping hand to those in need! Jeff and his dad had an amazing bond; a bond that was unbreakable and filled with immeasurable love for each other. They were truly best friends.

Jeff’s dad, George Woodrow Chrisman, was an amazing man. He was deeply loved by his three sons, his beautiful wife, cherished by his three daughters-in-law, and forever in the hearts of his seven grandchildren and one great grandchild! George was a man of great character. He was from the old school, he believed in working hard, he always provided for his family, caring and loving each of them every single day. It was important to him that his family believed in God, a family that he loved with his whole heart.

George Woodrow Chrisman served his country in the Korean War as a member of the United States Army. Mr. Chrisman was proud of his service to his country but even prouder of his devoted wife and three sons; his entire family. George was also a member of the Glazers Union, Local 718.

His amazing skills and his hard work taught his sons to always give their very best. He taught them to always believe in themselves and give a hundred percent.

This very special man will be deeply loved and forever missed by his devoted family. He leaves many dear friends made throughout a lifetime of caring and loving those around him. Rest in Heavenly peace, George Woodrow Chrisman, a man of strength and faith.