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Have You Seen This? Dogs fly planes
Did you read the headline? Dogs fly planes. Why do you need anything else here. Dogs fly planes in this video. Go watch it. - photo by John Clyde

THE SKY I've been trying to think of some clever things to say to beef up this video. Some story from my personal history as an anecdote, some analogy that paints the picture of what you're going to see, or some insight that will really get you thinking. But after a lot of thought I came to this realization, this video has dogs flying planes. Dogs are flying planes. Why do I need to say anything else?

You may recognize the name Mark Vette because it's the same dog trainer who taught several dogs to drive a car a few years back. The man knows how to train animals and his latest feat is handing them the controls on a plane and watching them earn their wings.

It's kind of weird how inspiring the video is as we watch these rescue dogs take flight, but smiling is inevitable as it unfolds.

I loved everything about this video except for one thing that threw me off every time I heard it, "Figure of eight." I guess I need to brush up on my British English.

Anyway, check out the video and enjoy one of the best things you'll likely see all week.