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Castle Panic: Dark Titan is a tough but fun game
The second expansion to Castle Panic introduces the dark titan Agranok (an 8-point monster) and his evil entourage of elite monsters. Defend your castle with the help of new cards and special support tokens. - photo by Ryan Morgenegg
Back in 2009, a popular board game called Castle Panic, in which players must protect a castle being attacked by monsters, was released. In 2011, an expansion that added a wizards tower to the game made the game more complex and interesting by adding new monsters and magic cards. Now, the Castle Panic series has added the Dark Titan expansion, which introduces the Dark Titan Agranok, the toughest enemy to date.

The mighty Agranok is an eight-point monster that will take a lot of firepower and coordination by players to stop. Thankfully, he is preceded by a bunch of heralds that announce his coming. But even the heralds change the game when they appear, so be careful. When the third herald appears, the dark titan is placed on the board.

A unique aspect to the expansion is that before the game begins, players select one of five dark titan cards that determine the level of difficulty of the titan. Some versions of the dark titan are extremely difficult. Determining which version of the titan to play can be done by choice or at random. However, keep in mind that level five is tough. Players will feel quite accomplished if they can beat the hardest version of the dark titan.

The expansion also adds some new monsters for the players to fight, such as the boom troll and dark sorceress, along with elite versions of goblins, orcs and trolls. To assist the players are a cavalier, a reserve hero squad and wagons full of supplies. Boiling oil is also introduced along with other new cards, but being able to use them requires being in the right place at the right time.

The new Dark Titan expansion can be played with or without the Wizards Tower expansion. All parts work together beautifully, which was a good decision for Fireside Games. Rules are given to adjust the game in many different ways to keep things challenging and exciting.

For fans of Castle Panic, the purchase of the Dark Titan expansion is a no-brainer. For a relatively small price, the game offers a bunch of new content and the toughest challenge to date. For those who have not played Castle Panic, it is a game worthy of trying. It is family friendly, has a fantasy theme and can be played in about 45 minutes.