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Police Catch Up To Fleeing Suspect
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An Oakdale man wanted for possessing a pipe bomb and fighting with police in April was arrested Wednesday night, Aug. 1, but only again after trying to run from and fight with police.

On April 20, police contacted David Geren, 24, in the 400 block of South Third Ave. During the interaction Geren fought with the officer and ran, leaving his backpack behind. Officers recovered the backpack and searched the area but were unable to locate Geren. When officers searched the discarded backpack at the Oakdale Police Station they discovered a pipe bomb inside resulting in the building being evacuated and the Stanislaus County Bomb Unit to respond. The bomb was later safely detonated by the sheriff’s department.

On Wednesday, an Oakdale officer spotted Geren riding a bike on East J Street near Second Avenue. The officer confirmed that Geren was still wanted for the April incident and attempted to contact him.

Geren fled on his bike and ran through an apartment complex on South Third Avenue, discarding a loaded .38 cal. revolver in the process.

Officers later learned Geren was inside an apartment and he fled again when officers made contact at the residence.

Officers caught Geren and he yet again attempted to fight with them necessitating the need for officers to deploy a Taser to safely take him into custody.

At the scene, officers also arrested three other adults. Vincent Alvarado -24 and Giovanni Zwald -44, were taken into custody for obstructing and interfering with the police officers inside the apartment complex where Geren was hiding. Leslie Penn -34 was arrested for interfering with police when officers tried to arrest Geren

Geren was booked into Stanislaus County Jail for the possession of an explosive device and battery on a peace officer charges from April and for possession of a loaded and concealed firearm and resisting arrest charges from the current incident.