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Concert Series Looks Forward To New Faces

This summer’s ever-popular Concert in the Park series, sponsored by the Oakdale Chamber of Commerce, kicks off on Friday, July 12 with “Live Again” taking the stage. As usual, the concerts are hosted in Dorada Park; more affectionately, the “Wood Park” or “Children’s Play Park” from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Cap’n Coop will be at his Kettle Corn booth for each event, as he has been in previous years. Desa Cammack, Events Coordinator at the Oakdale Chamber of Commerce, reported that those who sign up for “Idol” sponsorships also have the ability to bring in a vendor.

The sponsorship options to help support the summer entertainment staple are Idol, Groupie, Fan, or Spectator, which all have different perks. The money sponsored for these are usually “just enough to cover expenses” between the vendors and band, said officials.

“This year we have got a great line-up ... a lot of town favorites,” Cammack noted.

The bands that will be playing and their dates are: July 12, Live Again; July 19, Ava Grace and the New Sound; July 26, Remedy; Aug. 2, Heidi Brunk Band; Aug. 9, Guy Dossi Band; Aug. 16, Oakdale Community Band; Aug. 23, Mark Macsenti and the Taillights and, wrapping up the series on Aug. 30, Barbara Findlay and Jim Ramont.

“It’s a great way to spend time with friends and family,” Cammack said. “And the shade hits it at just the right time.”

New to the stage this year is Ava Grace and the New Sound, which the community is excited to see. The rest are returning fan-favorites, organizers added.

More information about sponsoring a concert or event details can be found online or by contacting the Oakdale Chamber of Commerce at (209) 847-2244.