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Yosemite Chiropractic Becomes Oakdale Physical Medicine
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The new staff at Oakdale Physical Medicine, formerly Yosemite Chiropractic, includes, from left: Christina Cortez, Mary Garcia, Diana Cadenas, Kelsey Kosmadakis, NP, Dr. Jasper Cummins D.C., Lyn Raible, M.D., Lupe Pinmentel, D.C., Rosa Nees, Marissa Bravo. Kim Van Meter/The Leader

Dr. Jasper Cummins, a local chiropractor practicing for the past 13 years, has discovered a way to offer even more services to his patients, by incorporating medical services into the practice.

In order to accommodate the new scope of service, Cummins relocated his practice to a bigger location, located in the SaveMart Shopping Center, where Cummins can offer more than the standard chiropractic care.


New Name, New Service

Yosemite Chiropractic became Oakdale Physical Medicine (OPM) in the final quarter of 2015. Lyn Raible PhD, MD is the medical director of the new practice; Kelsey Kosmadakis is the nurse practitioner.

“I’ve always been focused on helping patients achieve health through a holistic approach, without the use of drugs and surgery,” Cummins said. “With that goal in mind, I brought the best of both worlds together to expand the services offered into a new business model.”

The main services offered at OPM are chiropractic, trigger point injections that are intended to reduce the “knots” in the muscles and help restore normal healthy function, therapeutic exercises to correct postural abnormalities and strengthen supporting muscle groups, home care devices to correct spinal misalignment and help patients to manage their pain while they are in the acute stage of their condition.

The new clinic also has a natural approach to allergies, called immunotherapy. This consists of performing a skin test on the patient, which is then followed by creating a custom tailored treatment set by their pharmacist according to what the patient reacted to. The patient is tested for a variety of allergies to weeds, trees, grasses, molds, dust mites, cats, and dogs.

“It’s exciting to see how patients are experiencing a much faster recovery from their condition as we take this new multidiscipline approach to their recovery. We are able to include home care devices for the patient according to their condition,” Cummins said.

Cummins believes by combining chiropractic with medical services he can offer a better approach to musculoskeletal problems.

“I’m most effective at helping patients recover from neck pain, muscle tension headaches, migraine headaches, mid and low back pain, arm/leg pain and numbness, shoulder conditions including rotator cuff injuries, knee pain, arthritis and allergies,” Cummins said.

Oakdale Physical Medicine (OPM) is focused on addressing the underlying cause of back and neck pain in patients.

“We have seen this approach as a growing trend in health care,” Cummins shared. “With the public becoming more educated about their health, people are seeking alternatives to prescription medication and spinal surgery. This new integrated approach satisfies this growing need.”


How Does It Work?

On the first visit to OPM, patients will have a consultation with the chiropractor where he will perform a complete history and physical examination focusing on their main area of concern called the chief complaint. Most patients will receive a full set of spinal x-rays that will be evaluated for spinal alignment, postural abnormalities, and osteoarthritis.

Patients will also be evaluated by the nurse practitioner on their first visit to determine what services the patient will need during their care plan. The healthcare staff will meet as a team to evaluate the findings gathered from the consult, exam and x-rays and during the patient's initial visit.

On the patient’s second visit their x-ray findings will be reviewed with the patient so they have a clear understanding of their condition. After an explanation of the plan of care that has been created for that patient, treatment begins on the same visit.

During a typical care plan, patients will be doing therapeutic exercises, seeing the medical staff for trigger point injections if necessary, receiving chiropractic spinal adjustments. Patients might also receive therapeutic massage during their care plan as well as being tested for allergies.

Oakdale Physical Medicine is at 1449 E. F St., Suite 105A in Oakdale.

To make an appointment, call (209) 847-3071.