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Win, Win, Situation - Buying Back Candy For A Good Cause
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There was quite the stir in the parking lot at Drs. Jeff and Jody Sceville’s dentist office, on Thursday, Nov. 1.  The Sceville’s were hosting the third annual “Candy Buy Back.”  They give youngsters the opportunity to turn in their candy for cash and then the candy will be shipped to soldiers overseas.  They had a thank you card station set up so that anyone could design a card for the troops which will be shipped to them with the candy.  They buy the candy back for $2 dollars a pound, the kids get a ‘goodie bag’, and a balloon. 

Matthew Anderson was the lucky winner of the raffle.  Anderson received a fifty dollar gift card and a helmet from the Oakdale Bicycle Shop.  Kat Country had a booth set up and played music to entertain the crowd.  Outlaw Packing Co (OPC) was there to help get the candy shipped and took donations for the troops as well.  They are a small group of people that collect, organize, pack, and send care packages to soldiers overseas based out of Waterford, CA. This is their first year at this event.            

The cloudy day did not stop children from coming out and donating candy.  Some of the kids that dropped off candy did not want the cash.  They just wanted to decorate a thank you card for the troops and send them some candy.  One little boy brought in some candy, created a card, and attached a bookmark that had a prayer on it.  They had approximately 200 lbs of candy donated. 

“It is really nice to see kids giving up their candy for the troops,” said assistant, Carly Keith.  “None of the kids that donated were upset to give up their candy,” she added.