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Sweet Deals For Your Sweet Tooth
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People were checking out with bags and boxes of candy at the Sconza Candy Sale and, with a coupon, after spending $25 shoppers received a free pound of candy. VIRGINIA STILL/The Leader

If you have a sweet tooth then you were probably at the Sconza Candy Sale on Saturday, Oct. 19 sorting through different varieties of candy that they offered guests at a discount. This was the Fourth Annual Candy Factory Sale that they plan to continue on an annual basis. The sale is held once a year on every third Saturday in October.

“Our Annual Candy Sale was a huge success,” said Deborah McConnell, Director of Accounting and Finance for Sconza Candy Company. “We had a larger crowd than expected when we opened at 9 a.m.”

People were buzzing around like bees to honey as they sorted through the pallets of candy that were labeled and ranged from dark chocolate covered walnuts to an array of candy coated almonds.

The candy sale included first and second quality items at a reduced cost. Second quality items could include two pieces stuck together (doubles), pieces that are a little too big or too small, or candies with the color not just right. This year they also offered “baking pieces” which are small pieces of nuts covered in chocolate.

“We felt this would be great for those holiday bakers,” said McConnell. “These items were a huge success and sold out in no time.”

The lines were long with guests holding boxes filled with different varieties of candies and others that had carts and bags filled with the goodies.

Due to the increase in customers Sconza will be adding more checkout lines for next year’s sale, doubling it from four to eight.

“We want this to be a pleasant experience for everyone,” said McConnell.

The sweet treats brought people out from all over the valley like Sonora, Manteca, and even from the Bay area.

At the end of the day, there were over 1,100 transactions and approximately 2,000 people that attended the event with attendance continuing to increase every year, according to McConnell.

After the sale, for the second year in a row Sconza donated several thousand pounds of candy to Oakdale Community Sharing.