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Many Ways To Succeed When Managing Your Curves
Colleen OConnell, owner of Curves in Oakdale encourages a few of the members to keep going as they go through their workout. - photo by Virginia Still/The Leader

Colleen O’Connell, owner of Curves at 111-113 N. Third Ave., Oakdale, is passionate about helping women get a complete workout.

O’Connell started out as a member of Curves back in 2003 in Valley Springs. She was looking to strengthen her back and core. The Curves program was a fit for O’Connell.

“Curves is specially designed for women,” O’Connell explained. “The equipment gives both a cardiovascular health benefit and also the strengthening.”

The Valley Springs facility was up for sale in 2007 so O’Connell and her partner decided to purchase it. Three years ago in 2010 the Oakdale Curves was up for sale and they decided to purchase that one as well.

“We are very, very, happy doing both,” said O’Connell.

O’Connell got to try Curves firsthand and truly believes in the workout that they offer.

“I thought this is amazing, to get a full body workout in just 30 minutes, including the stretching,” said O’Connell.

They have 13 machines that are set up as a circuit. So members will do a 30 minute circuit workout and use each machine for 30 seconds. The members go around the machines twice and do several sets within the 30-minute workout. The last five minutes of their workout will consist of stretching standing up.

“Stretching all the large muscles that we just used will help keep about 19 percent of the strength we just created but if you don’t stretch after, you could lose what you just did,” said O’Connell.

The machines are hydraulic resistance equipment and are set up to alternate between lower, middle, and upper muscle groups. This is to strengthen the muscles in the body and also protect the bones. The Curves smart machines are equipped with the most advanced fitness technology.

“We are the most researched exercise program,” O’Connell pointed out. “We are partners with the Cleveland Clinic.”

The Curves coaches have a background in kinesiology, behavior modification, and nutrition. They take these courses through the Cleveland Clinic.

“We are the only facility that offers exercise, meal planning, and coaching all in one place,” explained O’Connell.

Curves Complete is a program that they offer that focuses on exercise, meal planning, and coaching to have a successful weight loss solution. Exercise to boost metabolism, a diet that starves fat and feeds muscle, and the support to keep moving forward.

“It’s balanced and women are losing more body fat than traditional diets,” said O’Connell. “Women are losing one to two pounds a week.”

The meal planning consists of a health history first. Then the computer develops a meal plan for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two snacks for seven days a week that is based off your food preferences. The menu that the computer creates with the Curves program can be printed as well as the shopping list with the things you will need. The foods can be purchased at any local grocery store. The Curves program also has recipes available for each meal that can be printed out.

Coaching is also part of the Curves Complete program. Each member will receive a 15-minute coaching session once a week for the length of their three-month or six-month package. Members swipe a card when they enter the facility and at each machine. This helps keep track of each person’s progress. At the coaching session they will look into your previous day’s workouts and what needs to be worked on in the future. Then they will work out a plan for more success in the upcoming week.

“Sometimes women want the camaraderie from the community of women only when they work out,” O’Connell added. “This is just a different atmosphere. It’s comfortable. They can sweat.”

For more information, call 209-845-0553.