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Local Delivery Service A New Business Venture
With an idea and the energy to make it happen, local resident Katelyn Hasley has created a new business in Oakdale called Goods2Go, a local delivery service. - photo by Virginia Still/The Leader


Entrepreneur Katelyn Hasley has created a new business in Oakdale called Goods2Go. What is Goods2Go, you might ask? It is a local delivery service designed to provide Oakdale residents with the convenience of not having to leave their home or business to get items they need.

A single mom, Hasley stated that she has deep roots in Oakdale for four generations. She was born and raised in Oakdale and grew up with family that have owned their own businesses in town.

“I was raised business oriented,” said Hasley. She has been a yoga instructor for 11 years and seven of them were spent at the senior center teaching the area’s senior citizens how to stay fit.

Hasley believes that Oakdale is a viable small business community and she would like to help the city thrive locally. She noted that money spent locally will be reinvested into the city and therefore strengthen the community. Goods2Go will deliver food from your favorite restaurant, materials needed at the jobsite, and just about any other product that you might need.

The idea of a local delivery service came to her when she was thinking about her sister, small business owner, Cryndee Dermond.

“She’s definitely been my inspiration for my business, commented Hasley.

The local Oakies Board Shop was opened in 1996 by Dermond, and has been growing ever since. The problem was that Dermond was never able to leave the store because she was the only one running it. If she needed lunch or some supplies, then she had to wait until after hours. This gave Hasley the idea that maybe there were others like her sister that run their small business by themselves and could use a little help.

Goods2Go offers merchants the convenience to have their goods delivered right to their customers doors, which could increase revenue and order volume. They will provide same day delivery of goods in the Oakdale, Knights Ferry, and Valley Home area. But this isn’t just for merchants. Hasley said the local delivery service is for residents as well. They will deliver food to your home, pick up your prescription, any small products you have been meaning to buy. You can also purchase products online off their website and have them delivered. She will also be making a Costco run for up to 10 items per customer, on Mondays, and your order must be placed by 4 p.m. There is a $25 Costco delivery fee and a security deposit may be required. As stated in their mission statement, ‘Goods2Go strives to deliver a valuable commodity for the individuals, businesses, and families of Oakdale.’

All in-town deliveries are $7.50 or 15 percent on orders over $50 and outside the city limits is a $20 minimum or 20 percent for orders over $100. To schedule a delivery you can call Goods2Go at (209) 322-3783, email, or place your order online at They accept cash or credit and any merchants interested can contact Hasley for more information.

Open for just the past few weeks, Hasley said her new venture is still in the development stages and she hopes to bring convenience and profit to the community.