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Conlin Supply Now Open In Third Business Location
Conlin Supply owner Albert Conlin, back, along with his trusty team at the newest location at 118 Albers Road, Modesto. Photographed, from left: Jaqueline Serpa, Jordan Callahan, Becky Hoekstra and Stacy Thoni. - photo by Teresa Hammond/The Leader

Albert Conlin is not new to the feed business. While customers of his recently opened 118 Albers Road, Modesto, third store location may not know of Conlin Supply, that’s not stopping them from shopping.

In early March the successful Oakdale retailer opened the doors of the 4,900-square foot building and began doing business. The location was previously home to an Ag-related business for 18 years, prior to Conlin opening up a shop there.

“I wanted more of a retail pet and feed supply store,” Conlin said in comparison to his popular Oakdale store. “Even though Stacy does a great job with feed and probably still out sells me, we can hold more variety here.

“We have a great corner and a lot of people still haven’t heard of Conlin Supply,” he said of his business in its 32nd year. “This location was zoned for retail feed and farm/ranch supply.”

Sales/Purchasing Associate Stacy Thoni has been an instrumental part of the Oakdale Conlin team for over a decade. She’s one of a handful of staff members who Conlin relies on to maintain his business success.

“We also have more smaller animal feed here,” Thoni said of the Albers Road location, noting rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs and even poultry feed is among the mix available. “We can now compete (with others) with our poultry line.”

Conlin shared the two buildings located on the property offer him just under 10,000 square feet of indoor space, as well as an expansive outdoor area which offers more outdoor space and growth potential.

“We have 3.3 acres at Oakdale and it’s filled up,” he said. “Here we can also hold more hay. Oakdale can hold one truck load versus here we can hold nine truck loads.”

That variance in space offers opportunity for larger variety as well. With extra field space and a strict spoilage policy, Conlin has chosen to add some steer to the Modesto property to handle waste.

“Feed companies say basically 90 days and then throw it out,” the owner said of their inventory. “We stay real strict to that guideline. Our computer system keeps track of when we receive it. After that you throw it away.”

Once the steer are added to the property, the expired for sale product will be offered to them.

“That should cut way back on waste and things we throw away,” Conlin said.

The business owner is excited about the new location and the increased visibility, noting the ideal proximity to Waterford, Hughson, Empire and Modesto.

“We get a lot of customers now from La Grange, Coulterville, Greely Hill ... all the people coming down J59 to go to Modesto,” he stated. “We’re definitely picking up business. This location is a great location.”

As for the day in and day out of life in the feed/farm/ranch supply business, both Conlin and Thoni cite the same sources as the highlights of their job – the customers and the staff.

“Every day is different, dealing with the customers,” Thoni said. “If it wasn’t for our customers this job would be boring.”

“The customers that I’ve dealt with,” Conlin echoed of what he enjoys most. “To see their kids grow up. The customers’ kids that have worked for me. And I have great employees.”


Conlin Supply is located now in Oakdale, Merced and Modesto. For information on individual store hours and location details visit