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Exploring Disease
Presentation Aimed At Preventing Alzheimers
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The Alzheimer’s Association reports that a new case of dementia is diagnosed somewhere in the world every seven seconds. By the age of 85, 50 percent of the senior community will have the disease.
These facts and statistics are being experienced first hand by many baby boomers as they care for their aging parents.
For area resident Maureen Minnehan-Jones, a registered nurse and holistic healer, speaker and author, it was not an ailing parent that prompted her to delve into this disease, but the diagnosis of a close friend.
“A very dear friend of mine was diagnosed with the disease at 59,” Minnehan-Jones stated.
She describes her friend as someone who could hardly wait to be a grandparent, a mother of two children, both in their 30s at the time of her diagnosis.
“She was so excited by grandchildren,” Minnehan-Jones recalled, “and when they were born she was unable to hold them (due to the stage of her illness).”
The speaker will host a two-hour presentation, Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease at Birth, at two upcoming engagements. The first of the two presentations will take place on Friday, Feb. 26 at 6 p.m. at the Spiritual Science Church in Turlock. A second presentation will be conducted in Modesto at the Unity Church of Modesto on Sunday, Feb. 28 at 11:45 a.m.
“Each disease has underlying symptoms,” the author said.
Alzheimer’s is one of 19 incurable diseases studied and dissected in Minnehan-Jones’ soon to be released book, Wisdom to Wellness: Healing Your Emotional Suffering So The Physical Healing Can Follow. The book explains how and why disease is sparked, as well as describes her “Modus Operandi (MO) Technique.”
The words ‘Modus Operandi’ are a Latin phrase, which translates to Method of Operating. The holistic practitioner believes that by reprogramming your subconscious, superconscious and conscious mind, the threat of disease can be eliminated.
“The handing down of emotions, goes into the DNA,” she said, citing that emotions and attitude can ultimately affect optimal health.
While researching the illnesses highlighted in her book the registered nurse studied five famous people, with varying diseases. The portion of the book examining Alzheimer’s uses the example of Ronald Reagan and the diseases, personality traits and life experiences, which ultimately led to his diagnosis.
She describes the disease as the “Portable Plexi-Glass Phone Booth” and illustrates through Reagan two typical characteristics of being highly private and unable to open up to or allow others in. Both are common traits in many Alzheimer patients, prior to diagnosis.
“Once we learn the underlying cause of the disease, then we have a chance to actually cure the disease,” Minnehan-Jones stated, adding that she does not feel we need to replace medicine, but rather join the two forces for optimal health.
“My vision is if you go into a doctor with high blood pressure,” she explained, “you will not only be given a prescription, but a handout on how it actually manifested in the body.”
The author’s own personal life experience led her to a strong belief in what she now teaches to her patients. Six months following a devastating divorce at the age of 43, abnormal blood work was detected during a routine check-up. Minnehan-Jones was referred to an oncologist. The oncologist believed that based on the blood she may be facing a rare blood disorder.
“I really had to change my life,” she said.
With decades of experience in the medical field, she began reading “Messages from the Body: Their Psychological Meaning,” by Michael J. Lincoln.
The knowledge she gained from the book helped her begin her journey of self-healing and the development of the MO Technique.
“Ronald Reagan is such a wonderful man,” she said of the late President. “It’s very hard to see it from the outside, you really have to see it from the inside.
“The presentation is going to be exactly how it is set-up in Ronald Reagan’s body,” she added.
In a day and age of proven scientific medicine, it is the ultimate goal of Minnehan-Jones to find a medical doctor, brave enough to partner with.
“It’s really important,” she said of the desired partnership. “It’s pretty simple once we get it. It’s really getting to the underlying cause.”
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