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Oakdale Couple Marks 70 Years Of Marriage
Mal and Bev Staley, Photo Contributed

Mal and Bev Staley are celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary in Oakdale on September 9, 2020. The couple met in March of 1947 while freshmen at Missouri Junior College. They married at Mal’s parents’ house two weeks before shipping out to Treasure Island courtesy of the Navy Reserves.

They eventually moved to Pleasant Hill in 1954. Bev enjoyed many years of painting and needle point crafts. Mal restored antique Fords. They started a successful antique Ford parts business, Mal’s A Sales in 1960 to 1995. They were both charter members of the San Francisco, Diablo and Oakdale Model A Ford Clubs. They traveled in their Model A Fords all over the west coast for years.

They moved to Oakdale in 1987 where they enjoyed growing almonds, traveling with their many RV friends and attending River Oak Grace Church and the Joint Heirs Bible Study Group.

Now they have fun driving around Woodward Reservoir in one of many of their antique Fords with their family members, especially their great granddaughter.