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Reining In Honors - Oakdale Teen Wins Second Straight Youth World Title
0305 Bo and Adrianna
Prize Quarter Horse, Bo, and Adrianna Adams pose at their ranch in Escalon upon their return after winning the NRCHA Youth Limited Championship. Dennis D. Cruz/The Leader

Oakdale is known as “The Cowboy Capital of the World” but there is a teenage girl who knows her way around a ranch and the arena as well as any guy.

She is Oakdale’s own Adrianna Adams. The 14-year-old has competed in what is known as The National Reined Cow Horse Association’s Youth division and has won the World Championship two consecutive years; the only person to ever achieve this in the history of the 65- year competition.

She won her first title at the 2012 championship in San Angelo, TX and returned home on Monday, Feb. 24 with her 2013 title from Fort Worth, TX. She competes in two events. The first is called reining, where you ride your horse through the center of the arena and complete a shape of a pattern designated by the committee. The second part to the competition is known as “boxing a cow.” You and your horse must mirror the cow’s movement while being timed. It is scored by judges. You start off with 70 points and points can be added based on accuracy, style and time. Points are deducted based on violations, inaccuracies and other penalties. Adrianna took this year’s championship with a total score of 430.5 and is the youngest person to ever achieve a score that high. She took home the coveted Celebration of Champions Saddle Award, the Bronze National Reined Cow Horse Association Youth Limited Championship trophy, the NRCA World Champion Silver Buckle award and also $3,700 worth of scholarship funds. She wasn’t the only one to bring home awards; her prize quarter horse also took home a big ribbon for his efforts.

Adrianna, the daughter of Wade and Andi Adams, began riding horses when she was five years old.

“My parents bought me a pony when I was five, and I’ve loved horses ever since,” Adrianna said.

In 2010 she was introduced to the NRCHA and was instantly drawn to it.

“I watched the 2010 competition in Reno, Nevada and I fell in love with it. My parents were, and still are, huge supporters of my riding.”

She knew she couldn’t reach her goal of being a part of the competition alone. She would have to acquire a trustworthy trainer and a reliable horse to ride. She said she was blessed to have found both and the three of them, girl, horse and trainer, have formed a friendship that movies are made of.

Adrianna is the proud rider and owner of a bay quarter horse known as “Wynsome Chex” in the competitions but at home he is known simply as “Bo”.

Bo was owned by Adrianna’s trainer, Clayton Edsall until he sold him to Adrianna in 2010.

“My parents and I were still in the process of finding the right horse for me and Clayton suggested that I ride Bo. My mouth dropped to the floor when I heard that,” the teen said. “To me Bo was untouchable and I loved him and admired him from the first day I saw him.”

Since that day, Bo and Adrianna have been inseparable.

“The friendship you have with a regular house pet is different than what you would have with a horse. You have a connection with a horse, it’s almost therapeutic when you’re riding it, or grooming it,” Adrianna said.

Adrianna would like to continue riding in competitions and after high school she plans on being a veterinarian.

“I’ve narrowed it down to three colleges,” the teen noted. “Colorado State has a great veterinary program, but that’s too far from my family and Bo. So I may stay local and attend Cal Poly or UC Davis, which both have great veterinary programs as well.”