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Fishing Report
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It’s been a long time since I’ve actually planned a fishing trip. Usually, I decide the night before, or the morning of, and am in a mad scramble to get everything ready for a day of fishing. Consequently, that leaves me a lot of times, making last minute phone calls to friends and family searching for someone to fish with. When I realized Veterans’ Day was going to be celebrated on a Tuesday this year, I immediately decided that I was going to go fishing that day. The day couldn’t have worked out better for me, I was able to take not one, but two of my former coaches with me along with my son. The weather was absolutely perfect and we even managed to catch a few fish. The only negative experience was being yelled at by a duck hunter who was obviously having a bad day and Ladd’s Marina being completely overtaken by hyacinth, causing me to drive an extra 10 miles to a functional launching facility. I wasn’t going to let those two experiences ruin my day though and am glad now that I didn’t. All the talk on the way home was about fishing and how great of a time we had, that to me was the perfect ending to a great day of fishing.


Delta Report:

Fishing is really starting to pick up; bass are being caught on swim baits as well as flipping jigs and creature baits. Striped bass are hitting almost anything right now and can be found throughout the system. Tie on a large chrome and blue rattle trap and find any area where there is a little current and cast away. A stop and go retrieve usually results in more strikes. Anglers are also doing well around Mildred Island while drifting live bluegill.


New Melones Lake:

There are still no paved launch ramps available for launching a boat. It is highly recommended that vehicles launching have four wheel drive. Bass fishing is good right now as the bass are feeding heavily in preparation for winter. Anglers are doing well while fishing with jigs and grubs along the bottom once finding schools of bait. There are also a few reports of anglers having luck while fishing with swim baits. Catfishing is the best it’s been all year right now as there are some nice stringers being brought in by anglers fishing with cut bait off the bank.


New Hogan Lake:

Bass fishing continues to be good for anglers fishing a variety of baits. A favorite right now is pretty much any crawdad imitator that can be worked along the bottom or even a weighted Senko.


Lake Camanche:

Anglers are reporting catching trout while fishing near the dam. Bass fishing continues to be good on the lake right now as anglers are scoring good limits while fishing reaction baits and plastics in 10 to 15 feet of water.


Don Pedro:

Fishing has slowed down on the lake but there are still schools of shad being chased to the surface by trout and bass. Finding those actively feeding schools in the middle of their ambush is the key to catching them right now. Some anglers are driving around looking for birds following the schools of baitfish. Others are trolling or holding in place on a spot where they believe the schools will pass. There is still only one functional launch ramp located in Fleming Meadows.


Lake Amador:

With the rain that we’ve been having lately I’ve been itching to fish Lake Amador as they have been stocking the lake daily with big Cuttbow Trout who are sure to be up shallow looking for an easy meal. The lake was last reported as being 50 feet from full capacity and had one paved launching lane without a dock.