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Local Boxers Put On Exciting Show For Fans
Oakdale boxers Kenny Lopez and Israel Padilla sparred Friday night during In The Trenches at The Boxing Development Center. Here, Lopez delivers a jab to Padilla.

Friday night fights in Oakdale? Yes, boxing fans were treated to a free sparring event at The Boxing Development Center on Friday, June 21. Local fighters taped their wrists, put in their mouth guards and tied off their gloves for combat. The event is known as In The Trenches.

“In The Trenches represents hard work, dedication and discipline. We have a saying here and it’s ‘Put your oar in the water, because nobody rides for free’,” said coach Leo Pagaliugan.

Fighters from Oakdale, Turlock and Modesto entered the ring and sparred in front of the crowd. Local boxers from the Cowboy Capital included Kenny Lopez, Israel “Ice Water” Padilla and 13-year-old Cesar “Gordo” Rincon, among others.

“These boxers put on a show and we are excited to come back,” said boxing fan Miguel Arroyo. “They are talented and it’s great to be able to attend a local fight because no one else is doing it in our area. It was a lot of fun.”

Boxers – including those as young as 11 – took to the ring and battled in three two-minute rounds.

In The Trenches takes place every Friday night, but seating is limited. The Boxing Development Center invites fans to attend but asks that you contact them first for seating availability. Barbeque is available at the event along with drinks. Boxing action begins at 5:30 p.m. at The Boxing Development Center, 1275 E. F St., Oakdale.

The center also offers training, classes and other workout programs. For more information and to inquire about seats available for In The Trenches, call (209) 568-5385.