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Fishing Report 8/29/18

Buying a boat nowadays is such a huge commitment that I’m in no hurry to buy right away. I’m enjoying looking around at all the different boats. My biggest concern is purchasing a boat or engine that is in its first year of production. Unlike a lot of pro’s, I plan on keeping my next boat until at least retirement age. So, my next boat must be the right one for the type of fishing that I plan on doing and be tested through in and throughout. It’s easy to want to get the latest and greatest but when it comes to vehicles but sometimes, going with something that has all the kinks worked out of it is the wiser decision, than going with a completely new model. Maybe I’m just being overly cautious, I’d rather wait until a new product has been mass produced and tested by every day anglers like myself, before committing to an expensive new product.


Delta Report:

There are lots of smaller schools of largemouth and striped bass actively feeding on small baitfish which can be caught on reaction lures and small top water baits. For the larger bass, anglers are fishing Senko’s or pitching in the grass with creature baits such as Reaction Innovation Sweet Beavers. Catfishing remains good right now for anglers fishing cut bait. Look for bigger catfish to be relating to deep holes along the river right now.


New Melones Lake:

Bass fishing continues to be good for smaller bass on soft plastics while worked along the bottom. Bigger bass are being caught in the early morning hours on topwater lures and at night on top as well. During the day anglers are dragging Carolina rigged plastic baits such as brush hogs and lizards. Kokanee fishing continues to be good for anglers trolling between 70 and 90 feet deep with Hootchies behind a dodger. Bluegills continue to provide steady action for those fishing around boat docks and the backs of coves. Fishing for catfish is good right now for those fishing at night.


Lake Don Pedro:

Trout and king salmon fishing is hit and miss for anglers as they are having to troll really deep to find them. Anglers trolling are fast trolling spoons at depths greater than 100 feet deep. Kokanee are still providing action for anglers trolling between 50 and 70 feet deep with their favorite kokanee set ups. Bass are being caught on Senko’s and top water baits right now. Hula grubs and crank baits are also working well while fished between 5 and 10 feet deep.


Lake New Hogan:

Bass fishing remains good for those fishing Senko’s and top water baits during the morning and evening hours. There are still small schools of striped bass that are chasing the shad to the surface. Anglers fishing top water lures or trolling umbrella rigs are having luck in the morning and evening hours.


Lake Amador:

Catfishing continues to be good for anglers fishing with cut bait at night around the launch ramp cove and dam area. Trout plants are scheduled for November. Bass fishing is fair for anglers fishing with worms and shad patterned crankbaits during the day.


Lake Camanche:

The warm weather has put a damper on the bass fishing. Anglers fishing for bass are finding them deeper than normal with jigs and creature baits fished as deep as 35 feet during the day. Currently there are no reports of trout being caught. Anglers fishing off the bank at night are having decent action catching catfish with cut bait and bluegills with nightcrawlers and red worms.


Tip of the Week:

If you’re looking to save some money, impress your fishing buddies, or just want something to do, I suggest you look up do it yourself (DIY) videos online. There are videos for just about all the fishing products that you could need. Some are expert level build while others are simple. I’ve done a few myself and am so glad that I looked up a how-to video before I went out and spent a bunch of money.