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Fishing Report 4-1-20
cal fishing
You must have a fishing license to enjoy fishing, regardless of whether you intend to keep any fish you catch.

Like a lot of you, I’ve been spending a lot of time at home lately. So much, that my boat has never been cleaner, my tackle has never been more organized, and I’m running out of things to do. Yesterday while working on my tackle, I happened to come across a video of the 1971 Bassmasters Classic that was held on Lake Mead. Back then anglers weighed in 10 fish limits, boats were 16 feet long, and they performed what they called a “Shotgun Start.” Basically, they all lined up, the tournament director fired a gun into the air, and they all took off at the same time. All the boats were identical and provided by the tournament organization. So, it basically came down to how much weight was in the boat, and if they drew a boat that was a little faster than others. A lot of anglers from back then also said that reliability of boats was a major issue. Often anglers’ days were cut short due to equipment failure. Of all the advancements that have come with time, I believe that reliability of equipment and safety, have to be the two most important.


Delta Report:

Bass fishing continues to be good right now for those fishing wacky rigged Senko’s or flipping jigs around tulles. When the wind is blowing, many are having success while tossing shallow running crank baits and spinner baits. The bass are just getting ready to or spawning so look for them to be in the backs of sloughs or on top of tulle islands. It’s really important this time of year to pay attention to the grass, bass will clear out areas along the bottom. Clearings in the grass are a good sign that there may be a bass spawning there. Bluegills are starting to be found up shallow and around the docks. Typical bluegill baits are working well right now. Bluegills usually start their spawn as we get closer to the month of May.


New Melones Lake:

Fishing for trout is tough right now on the lake. As the weather warms look for the bite to get even tougher. There are a few reports of kokanee being caught, hopefully that’s a sign that the kokanee season is going to be starting early this year. Bass fishing is starting to pick up as many anglers are catching a lot of numbers up shallow with a variety of different baits. For numbers you can’t beat a small plastic worm or Senko fished from the bank down to 10 feet deep. Those catching larger fish are fishing swim baits and jigs. They’re not getting the numbers of fish other anglers are getting but they’re catching quality.


Lake Amador:

My first impression on Lake Amador last weekend was how low the water was. The trout fishing was as advertised though. The trout that I caught were holding between 10 and 15 feet deep. Anglers that were catching them off the bank said that all their success came earlier in the day and that they were using Power Baits Floating Mouse Tails.


New Hogan:

Currently there are a lot of fish on beds or getting ready to spawn. Springtime baits are all doing well. It’s tough to beat a wacky rigged Senko or a Shaky head worm fished from the bank out to 20 feet deep. There is very little fishing pressure on the lake right now and it’s still a little too cold for those who like to get in the water.


Current Lake Closures:

Camanche, Clear Lake, Collins, Del Valle, Don Pedro, Los Vaqueros, McClure/McSwain, Modesto, Pardee, Rollins, Sonoma, Scotts Flat, Turlock, and Woodward.


Tip of the Week:

With the warmer weather coming there’s very few things more miserable than having a headache while the sun is beating down on you. I make it a point every year to purchase a few items that I keep in my boat’s survival kit. On the top of that list is a bottle of aspirin, extra strength. I can’t tell you how many times something as simple as having aspirin on the boat has saved the day for me.