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California Invasive Species Action Week Recognized
Learn about invasive species and how you can help keep California safe from non-native plants and animals during the observance of Invasive Species Action Week. Photo Courtesy Of Friends Of Five Creeks

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) is inviting all Californians to learn about – and join the fight against – harmful non-native plants and animals that threaten our state’s natural resources.

The eighth annual California Invasive Species Action Week (#CISAW) started on Saturday, June 5 and runs through Sunday, June 13, 2021. Historically, agencies, non-profits and volunteer organizations across the state have teamed up to host events for CISAW. This year features both in-person and virtual events including webinars, videos and Facebook live events. Visit to view the schedule.

All Californians can help stop the spread of invasive species by taking small, everyday actions, such as landscaping with native plants, not releasing unwanted pets into the wild, reporting invasive species findings, and cleaning, draining and drying gear when recreating in bodies of water. The Action Week website lists simple actions Californians can take all year long while visiting natural areas, boating or fishing, or at home.

Additionally, the winners of CDFW’s annual California Invasive Species Youth Art Contest will be announced on social media during CISAW. The theme of this year’s contest was “Be an Invasive Species Detective!”

The mission of CDFW’s Invasive Species Program is to reduce the impacts of invasive species on the wildlands and waterways of California. The program is involved in efforts to prevent the introduction of these species into the state, detect and respond to introductions when they occur and prevent the spread of those species that have established. For questions or more information about CISAW, contact

There are many ways to participate year-round, not just during the Invasive Species Action Week. Following are a few suggestions about staying active throughout the year.

Volunteer for invasive species removal/habitat restoration projects.

Attend an educational workshop or youth activity.

Find out which species are threats to California.

Join the statewide citizen science effort to monitor for invasive species.

Make sure to Clean, Drain, and Dry your boat after each outing.

Learn about California’s invasive plants.

Select native or non-invasive plants for your garden.

Remove invasive plants from your property.

Monitor plants and trees for symptoms of infestations and disease.

Use only certified “weed-free” forage, hay, seed, mulch, soil, and gravel.

Avoid spreading forest pests: buy your firewood where you burn it.

Prevent the spread of plant pathogens that damage and kill California’s native plants and trees.

Learn alternatives to releasing unwanted fish, aquatic plants, and other pets.

Get to know your local invaders.

Share your knowledge.

Visit your favorite local, state, or national park, ecological reserve, recreational area, or nature center and ask about their volunteer programs.

Have you spotted an invasive species? Tell us where by reporting your sighting.

For questions or assistance, contact