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Mommy Musings
Seeing Santa
Santa letter

I saw Santa last week and it was magical.

That’s what I love most about this time of year – magic. It’s not the excessive shopping, in store deals nor the hustle and bustle, it’s the purity and innocence which equal “magic.”

Now not to be mistaken, those other things, while not my favorite are somewhat necessary as the backdrop of the symphony we all call the holidays. The hustle and bustle of the stressed out, overspent and sleep deprived is a nice reminder of what I choose not to do. Quite simply it’s not about the material things for me; it hasn’t been for quite some time, it’s about the little things, the memories, the love and generosity.

Santa is a great reminder of the simplicity and innocence. Having a bad day? Watch a young child interact with the ‘jolly ol’ soul’ or simply revisit photos of your own children from years past parked on his knee. Religious beliefs aside, Santa is a wonderful representation of the magic and wonderment of the holiday season.

Last Saturday as I watched the children cling to parents as they stared at this magical creature clad in red, I wondered what they were thinking. Their ages ranged, as did their acceptance and comfort. Some couldn’t wait to get his ear, while others were more content in their mother’s arms refusing to make eye contact with the bearded guy.

The wishes were whispered and the smiles were bright, but the magic, the magic was present.

My youngest felt compelled to pen her letter to Santa last week. Now age 10, her letter is a bit more lengthy than in the past and her wish, well, a bit bigger. Her request of Santa this year quite simple, two tickets to see Ellen DeGeneres. Not to seem greedy, she explained to Santa the need for two, since she is only 10 and will need someone to take her (that second ticket is for mom).

In her letter she shares with the magic maker her admiration for the Good Samaritan/talk show host and how much it would mean to see her live. Apparently my daughter’s sporadic afternoons with her Memaw watching Ellen have left an impression.

This is all she wants and make no mistake, she believes.

She believes not just in the magic of Santa, but in the miracle of Christmas. She believes in the act of generosity and giving to others. She believes in being loving, kind and accepting of others. She’s 10, so in short – she still believes in magic.

As a parent, it’s always interesting to get a peek at your child’s Santa letter and see exactly what they dream of this year. The irony is, as I type this I recognize the simple perfection of such a lofty wish. Essentially she’s asking to experience the magic in person. Magic which is created on a daily basis through the spirit of a selfless person, a person whom she admires.

I have little to no clue, if this is a wish the big guy will be able to deliver. We all know Ellen is a very “in demand” lady and I’m not exactly sure he even has the right connections to make this happen. What I do know, is this letter, this simple wish has served as a tremendous gift to her mother.

Of all the things a 10-year-old could ask from the magic maker (aka Santa), mine has chosen to simply extend her magic by one more day.

Here’s to wishing you each a bit of magic and miracle this holiday season. Remember to take pause, take it in and when things seem tough, dust it off with a ho-ho-ho.



Teresa Hammond is a staff reporter for The Oakdale Leader, The Riverbank News and The Escalon Times. She may be reached at or by calling 847-3021.