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Marathons And Mommies
Mommy Musings 03-15-23

I’ve recently been reconnecting with the Marathon.

Those who have followed me in this column space for a while, as well as in the 209 Magazine Fitness and Beyond column, may find this to be exciting news.

I mean, the girl who once loved talking about “me” time, adrenaline rush, run-cations, yoga and fitness is making a comeback? Amidst all the cancer talk and battle back to health, she’s dusting off her sneakers?

While I must admit, even I would be inspired by such a story, this would not be it.

My most recent battle with this merciless disease, does indeed have me back on the health and wellness train, however … one track at a time.

The Marathon I’ve come to engage in is the one which really gained popularity during the sedentary life of the pandemic. Yes, I’m talking TV series Marathon and, in a few instances, it has been fun.

Granted the combination of my energy level dropping from radiation has required many weekends in a recliner eating fruits and veggies, drinking green tea, water and perfecting the “nothing.” Mother Nature has also played a nice part in not tempting me to go for a walk or work in the yard as she can’t seem to decide if it’s a sunny or rainy day on the weekends as of late.

I tried this Marathon thing a few years back (a la pandemic) and quickly learned attempting it from bed led me to complete failure status. Without fail, I would fall asleep somewhere in the middle of Season 1 Episode 1 and wake around mid-Episode 5. Stubborn and determined as I was, I would not go back, but picked up where I woke up. This is something I do not advise.

Recently, however, during a stay with my cousin she mentioned an HBO Max series she felt I would absolutely love.

Before disclosing the series of my first Marathon success, I should also share I am not a big television watcher, unless it’s baseball. An occasional movie on Netflix with my kids I can do, baseball games hold my attention the best, followed closely (believe it or not) by basketball. Television overall however, serves more as background noise for yours truly while I write, schedule appointments or work on a project.

But then I found “Big Little Lies.”

Yes, yes, for those who have watched I know “it’s old.” That’s the beauty of this new Marathon thing I’ve taken up. You don’t have to wait each week for a new episode, like we did in the “olden days.” You can actually watch two full seasons (aka two years) of shows, in two short days – genius!

For those under a rock like myself, I’ll share what the draw of this Marathon was and how my cousin knew with no doubt I’d love it.

First there’s an all-star cast. I’m talking Witherspoon, Kidman, Dern and Streep plus a menagerie of more acting talent, based on a novel. The series was written and created by David E. Kelley who is a television genius all on his own. Oh, and it’s set in Monterey, California and that all-star actress cast well … they’re mommies. Genius!

I won’t give the show away. I will share it may not be for all. It’s not a comedy, a bit dark in spots, definitely not for children or those offended by language or nudity. It is however thought provoking and had me sucked in from Episode 1. I could not fall asleep during this Marathon.

There is a pretty long list about what I enjoyed about this series, one thing which I really appreciated was the portrayal of these mommies and the true struggles we share with one another. Deemed at one point during the show as, “The Monterey 5,” for the five main characters was so fitting to me.

Now granted they live in mansions on the cliffs of the Highway 1, Monterey coastline, dress to the nines and have fabulous, yet complicated lives. I loved all of it.

What I realized as I watched, as the mom of two teens, who once stood in front of an elementary school with some mommies just like these women; regardless of the book cover, the contents play out the same.

Zip codes don’t exclude us from bullies, lying, trauma or illness. The cars may look different, we may trade yoga pants, jeans or running shorts for designer suits and dresses yet connection and support is connection and support.

So for the mommies out there who know from where I speak, how lucky are we? As a transplant who now calls 95361 undeniably my home, I encourage each of you with littles be that mommy for another. Just as we don’t want our children to walk this path of life alone, be the person who doesn’t let that be for a mommy.

Because after all … as the saying goes … It takes a Village (regardless of the back drop).


Teresa Hammond is a staff reporter for The Oakdale Leader, The Riverbank News and The Escalon Times. She may be reached at or by calling 209-847-3021.