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Living Life With Pigskin
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We know there’s more than football.

Truthfully, just typing that causes me to chuckle and grimace all at once. As the Education/Business/Human Interest staffer even I managed to pen a piece regarding football in last Wednesday’s paper.

Granted, the piece I shared with readers was focused on the recent accomplishment of the Dickens brothers, a former OHS baseball player and swimmer. Yet, since their recent OKG - Oakdale Kinda Guy, happens to be focused on Mustang football, I can see where I might be guilty.

As the local newspaper we come under criticism for a number of things. Our coverage and/or attention given to football happens to be one. Granted, we give time and attention to varying other areas in the community as well as sports, however for the non-football parent, that seems to be the largest Achilles heel.

Pondering this piece, I struggled with what would be the best approach. Neither of my children play football, yet as a community member I recognize the draw the sport brings to town on any given home game.

Quite simply, it fosters the sense of community. Offering many families, wholesome Friday night entertainment with neighbors and friends. Not everyone in attendance is related to a player. Many attend for the sake of tradition or quite simply the love of the sport.

I thought on this quite a bit over the weekend, as I did so I was amidst a partner following Saturday college football scores and consulting the web to check his lineup for his Fantasy Football team.

Not to be confused, I like football. I’ve shared before, sports and yelling at players brought into our home via the television is actually a favorite past time from my childhood. Fantasy Football, however is a language and a passion I can’t own nor attest to.

What I do know is that my PIC follows his teams (yes, he’s in more than one) closely and takes his management job seriously. Yes, I’m that girl, the ever popular football widow, well not really.

Just as he supports me in my running, I support him in his football following. I don’t begrudge him the ‘must see’ games or need to check scores if we happen to be away from home. I also realize there is a whole camp of people who do just that. For me it boils down to one simple question, why?

Why one allows something so simple, harmless and entertaining to bring forth negative energy, I truly don’t understand. Yes, it’s a game. Yes, there are more important things in life, but where’s the harm in getting excited about something which brings a lot of people joy?

Personally I’m fascinated by this Fantasy Football phenomenon. A large number of my friends (men and women alike) participate to some degree and they are passionate about it.

Late last week, I asked my PIC to explain it to me for purpose of this column. I’m familiar with the mechanics of it and the players who sit his bench, it is November after all; my head isn’t completely in the sand.

He kindly gave it some thought and gently shared, writing a column about Fantasy Football, even to the avid player would be short lived. Each team is different, each strategy unique to the individual making the picks and while the obsession is ongoing the conversation beyond that is most relative in its respective league.

So yes, we know there’s more than football, as a baseball girl what I’m learning to love (yes love) and respect, is football also has its place. That just happens to be now and while I’d must rather be making plans for a road trip to AT&T Ballpark with my sweet little family, for now… I’ll sit back, relax and give the fans their moment.

It’s all in the name of sport and friendly competition, after all and as an athlete I still manage to enjoy the ride.


Teresa Hammond is a staff reporter for The Oakdale Leader, The Riverbank News and The Escalon Times. She may be reached at or by calling 847-3021.