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In For The Treat

As the mommy of the group it only seems fitting that I pen the piece about the ever so popular Halloween Holiday. Our staff hosts a number of parents, as well as grandparents whom are proving to create all new memories and milestones for staffers. Part of the fun of working alongside one another is watching families grow, both figuratively and literally.

So here we are the week of ‘begging for candy’ commonly known as Trick or Treat.

My son first proclaimed this his favorite holiday right around the age of four. Contrary to popular belief it had little if anything to do with the candy and everything to do with the ‘dress up’ aspect. Now, seven years later, Halloween ranks second to April Fool’s day as his favorite ‘holiday.’

Yes, I know, recognize and have explained to him that April Fool’s is not a holiday to which I am constantly reminded that any day that intentionally brings joy and fun to life should be celebrated.

He’s an old soul. The first person to point out the reason we call now the present is because it’s a gift. He was five at the time.

When he first disclosed Halloween as a favorite, it truthfully caught me a bit off guard. As a new parent I naturally over thought, was I failing the lessons. Shouldn’t he favor Thanksgiving or Christmas? Had I not taught him the true spirit of giving and selflessness?

Yes, he was four and his mom was a train wreck, who learned many valuable lessons thanks to my pioneer child. First being to relax and enjoy the present. To stop worrying about what the ‘others’ might think of him favoring a holiday which some find ‘unholy’ or disturbing. He loves to dress up. He has imagination and he could care less about candy. Seven years later I can honestly say I would tell that four year’s old mom, you won (and so did he).

Now, age 11 and in fifth grade I’m becoming a bit more nostalgic. I’m savoring the moments and the giggles of innocence we continue to share as a family. His sister now eight and ready to be a teen, keeps us equally entertained. This year she has opted to be a hotdog once worn by her brother. To give the costume her own spin, she’s enlisted the company of our family dog Buddy to dress as a hotdog also. Fortunately (for her) Buddy is both small in stature and an incredibly patient Chihuahua/Jack Russell mix.

In keeping with tradition, we will participate in the parade, trick or treat with our Village and barter for candy at the end of the night. For them it’s all about the costumes, spectating the creativity of others and candy. Candy they forget about within a week, but take great pleasure in for the first 24 hours.

As for me, I’m simply along for the treats. Not the type you consume that later give you belly aches. Nope, for me it’s about the treats I will revisit in memories of when they were young.

Happy Halloween.


Teresa Hammond is a staff reporter for The Oakdale Leader, The Riverbank News and The Escalon Times. She may be reached at or by calling 847-3021.