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Guns In America And Shooting Back



Guest Columnist

I’m an advocate of the right to bear arms. I own several nice pistols and a shotgun. I wouldn’t mind adding a couple of more to my collection. I have never shot anybody or aimed a gun at a person. I hope and pray I never feel in such danger that I might feel the urgency to do so. Aiming a gun at someone means the possibility of taking that person’s life. I would never want to be in that situation. However, I know I could do it if someone was intruding my home or threatening my family.

There are two major reasons why people want guns and they are the right for protection and to hunt animals. Some people like collecting them and some like to shoot at targets.

We try to imagine a society like America free of firearms. Some believe this might be utopia for our country. We then come back to the issue of people who enjoy hunting deer, elk, rabbits, bear, ducks, etc. The sport of hunting and the griping fear of being vulnerable to evil people will forever keep guns flowing in America. Of course, let’s not forget the Second Amendment that is not going away.

Sadly, we are all vulnerable to being shot. This reality has existed since the founding of our country. Almost anybody at any time in this nation since the beginning could access a firearm and shoot somebody. We heard about outlaws and gunfights in the Wild West back in the 1800s. Welcome to the Wild West that now covers every inch of America and unfortunately our world.

We don’t expect to be sitting at a coffee shop sipping a latte and lose our life to an evil person who walks down the street randomly shooting, like those poor people did in Paris. Nor do we anticipate going to hear some music at a concert and be gunned down which also happened in Paris. We don’t dream of walking through an airport to pick up our baggage and then be randomly gunned down. Nor do we ever dream of sending our children to a school to be shot by someone who got access to a gun. We didn’t used to expect such incidents but now we look around us. We check to see where the exit doors are at malls and theatres.

We look twice around us at restaurants and public events. We know that even in our houses of worship that unlocked doors means anybody might walk in and begin eliminating lives.

Terrorism has successfully taken away our relaxed way of living and traveling in America and most of the world. This is why every effort must be made to eliminate such groups as ISIS and any hate group that encourages such violence.

We must also realize that while wackos might only be one in a million that it only takes one to kill five people like happened in Ft. Lauderdale International airport earlier this month.

Don’t live in fear. Don’t die of a heart attack stressing out because that’s what terrorists want. Yet, always be alert, wary and legally carry a gun and shoot back if you get the chance.



Glenn Mollette is a syndicated columnist and author of 11 books. He is read in all 50 states. Visit The opinions expressed are those of the author and not necessarily those of this newspaper or its ownership.