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Mommy Musings - Pressing Issues
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The past 30 days have really been pretty exciting.

In late September I was fortunate enough to catch the announcement that the Recession is over and now our President has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. I mean honestly can things get any better? Now, I’m just waiting to hear we’ve won the lottery.

I have to admit, the announcement of the recession ending caught me a bit off guard. I was well aware of its occurrence; that came as no surprise. Our family, however, is still living tight and praying hard, somehow the balance in our bank account missed the memo.

My hope of course is that as the news of the recession spread through the media like wildfire 18 months ago, so too will the announcement of its end. I also feel the need to point out how wonderful I think it is that it ended just in time for Christmas. Retailers are probably counting their anticipated profits as we speak. I sure hope Santa got the memo, our children are expecting big things this year.

As for the President and his recent accolades, again another total surprise. And that’s where I’ll leave it. I am not a political columnist, so I will not expand on the many arguments of why this was either well deserved or completely ridiculous. I am a mommy, however and as a mommy I will say — Good for him.

Remember, don’t hate the player, hate the game. President Obama did not campaign for this honor it was appointed to him. In my ‘mommy’ opinion, criticism in regard to this recent honor need be directed to the persons responsible for the decision not the recipient.

But on to more important/pressing problems.

What are you wearing these days? Seriously am I the only one caught totally off guard by last week’s storm?

Like many in the Valley I have been anxiously awaiting the changing of the season. Early morning and late day crisp weather has had me smiling quite a bit. I’ve slowly been transitioning to my closed toe shoes and pants I have not been able to visit since the birth of my second child. In all honesty, it’s been fun slowly transitioning to my fall wardrobe.

Then out of nowhere and totally unexpected it came … monsoon season. Am I the only one or did anyone else find themselves in front of their closet last Tuesday wondering, what in the world am I going to wear?

Granted, I have plenty of clothes in my closet — but suddenly I was lost because the key 10 pieces I have spent the last four months wearing had no place in monsoon weather. Cute fitted short sleeve tee- nope; printed skirt with sandals- no way and of course the cute bohemian sleeveless dress- absolutely not happening. Again, it’s fall and I should not expect to be wearing such things.

The problem is I missed the transition. This is the time that helps me slowly say farewell to those summer favorites and welcome in the new ones for fall. It also gives me the opportunity to slowly discover what I’m missing in my wardrobe for the new season and replace it. The cardigan I loved so much for too many seasons, that had to be retired or the shoes I wore like sneakers that now have no sole left. And dare I mention the jeans which seemed to perfect for the last few years that have lost their shape and sharp denim color.

Do I dare ask … if this is how we welcomed fall, what will winter bring? Don’t be surprised if you catch me at Big 5 or Tags eyeing fur trimmed ski apparel. One never knows what awaits us in the clouds.


Teresa Hammond is a staff reporter for The Oakdale Leader, The Riverbank News and The Escalon Times. She may be reached at or by calling 847-3021.