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Editors Notebook - Blame It On The Bachelor
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Let’s just say I have never been that much of a fan of ‘reality’ TV because in all honesty, it’s probably the furthest thing from real life as you can get. Who can be ‘natural’ when there are lights and cameras tracking your every move?

Be that as it may, there is a point to this short ‘notebook’ entry and the main one is this.

Nico Colunga, I apologize.

The standout Oakdale wrestler came home from the State Meet with a medal hanging around his neck.

And we called him Nick.

Our March 12 issue had pictures and a story about the state competition, with some information and the photos sent in by correspondent Dave Campbell, who was working the meet in Bakersfield, and other info put together by our new sports reporter Dennis Cruz.

Dave Campbell had Nico’s name spelled correctly in his caption, Dennis Cruz referred to Nico correctly in the copy he provided to me and we also got it right in quotes from his coaches; the only place he was referred to as ‘Nick’ was in the meet information that Dave sent in. And Monday night, March 10 as I was proofreading the sports and combining the info from Dave and Dennis, it was also the finale of The Bachelor on television.

I do not watch The Bachelor. Had never seen it until just a couple of weeks ago and somehow, beyond my control and better judgment, I got sucked in to the final few episodes. Who would Juan Pablo choose? Who would get the rose and who would get kicked off the show? Why does it matter and who really cares?

Unfortunately for Nico, I cared enough to let myself be distracted, jumping from the computer to the TV while I should have been concentrating only on my proofreading.

So the first reference to Nico as ‘Nick’ in the opening paragraph of the story somehow got right past me as Juan Pablo was choosing between his top two possible future wives and telling the one he chose that he “really liked” her … “a lot.”

Well, Nico, for the mistake I have made, I apologize. A lot.

Blame it on the bachelor and I promise to not get distracted by ‘reality TV’ while proofreading again.

Your accomplishments on the wrestling mats this season are far and above any entertainment value I derived from Juan Pablo and Company … I just hope you give me a chance to write about another medal next year.