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City Needs Measure Y
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Dear Editor,

Having been a long time resident of Oakdale I realize how fortunate we are to live in such a wonderful and caring community. All of that almost changed in 2011 when, because of the economic downswing, the city was facing some very severe financial problems. So severe in fact there was a possibility of filing bankruptcy.

As it has always done in the time of a crisis the community rallied, and passed measure “O” – the half-cent sales tax measure which allowed the city to continue to maintain all of its services.

Measure O expires at years end, and while things are a little better, sales tax and property tax revenues have increased little, leaving the city in the same situation it faced three years ago before Measure O was passed.

When you vote this November you will see Measure “Y” on the ballot. What is Measure “Y” all about? Measure “Y” is simply a continuation of Measure O and is not an increase in your sales tax. Without its passage the city will once again be facing insolvency and/or bankruptcy.

Oakdale has a new city manager and he has worked hard at trying to balance the budget. City employees have been reduced by 56 positions and department budgets slashed to the bone. The city is making headway but needs our help to get us past this economic recession.

Please join me in voting YES on Measure “Y”.

Phyllis Pottle