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Why Run For City Treasurer?
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Dear Editor,

Earlier this year I was surprised by the news that treasurer reports had not been submitted to the City Council for 16 months and then even more surprised by the revelation that substantial debts were due or coming due for the waste water facility loan and the Willowood fire station bonds without ability to pay. Then came the news that the City bond status had been downgraded. The City Treasurer resigned. Things seemed to be spinning out of control. I sought appointment to the vacancy as I felt my legal career and experience as an administrative law judge with its private and public exposure to the ebb and flow of income and expense would provide a strong footing to work as City Treasurer. The Treasurer has a responsibility to exercise oversight and provide disclosure to insure that public monies are properly acquired and disbursed. This involves more than accounting. It means scheduling and meeting reporting deadlines, addressing and restoring the city bond rating, providing for timely payment of major obligations, and working to find ways to bring the city in a positive financial position. Someone called the job the “conscience of the City.” This is a fit description. My campaign puts it this way, “It’s about dollars and sense.”

Michael Ward,

Candidate for Oakdale City Treasurer