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The Choice Not To Make
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Dear Editor,

In the May 19, 2010 edition your paper ran a story regarding a Riverbank citizen and member of that city’s council who wishes to represent as a Republican, Oakdale and the other areas of this State’s 25th Assembly District.

The person you wrote concerning is named “Jesse James White” of Riverbank. Right along with that is the last paragraph of your story which reads: “Contacted Monday (May 17) Dave White said he had been out of town, was still out of town and knew nothing about the circumstances surrounding his grandson’s arrest.” I don’t believe this is a completely believable remark by Mr. Dave White who is, also, along with his grandson, a present member of the Riverbank City Council.

All persons on probation in the State of California are subject to search and seizure of evidence regarding violations of law or conditions of parole. Jesse James White was recently arrested and jailed by County Parole agents who could not possibly overlook narcotics evidence. Mr. White certainly is unlikely to be chosen by Republicans in the 25th Assembly District primary election, the June 8, 2010 primary election.

When parole agents do sloppy, incomplete work people can be hurt, even the offending probationer can be harmed. However, the parole officers followed reasonable grounds in this instance, so good for them. We’ll all be better off.

I wish all involved including Mr. White successful therapy and minimal jail time, etc.

In any case, any 25th District voting citizens in the June 8th election would do better to not vote for Jesse James White even if he is allowed to run.

Larry Kay