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Supporting Olsen For Assembly
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Dear Editor,

During these days of political expediency where a candidate’s campaign promises all too often conflict with the reality of their true agenda, it is rare to find an individual who stands apart from the crowd in character, integrity, and a promise to hold good on their word.

The public has a unique opportunity to elect such a person in Kristin Olsen, candidate for Assembly. I have watched our community grow for over 50 years, and I have had the good fortune to observe Kristin from her early days as an advocate for small business in Sacramento through her current office on the Modesto City Council.

Her attributes of fiscal conservatism, which in simple terms means ‘stop spending what you do not have,’ coupled with a firm conviction for greater local control, limited central government, preservation of traditional family values and strong support of your second amendment rights, speak for themselves.

Kristin is not one who will sacrifice the future on the altar of the immediate when it comes to your pocket book. As a mother of three she is keenly aware how far the dollar does not stretch in today’s economy. Kristin deserves serious consideration and your vote.


Ricks L. Falk