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Staying On Course
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Dear Editor,

On behalf of the Escalon High School Boys Golf team, we would like to sincerely thank those members and staff of Oakdale Golf and Country Club who have been so gracious in allowing us to use their facilities. We realize that allowing not one, but two high schools, to use a private course can cause problems at times, and we apologize for any inconveniences that may have occurred during the season. Over the past few years, Escalon Boys Golf has been very successful on both the league and section levels. Much of this success could not have been accomplished if it wasn’t for the generosity and support of Oakdale Golf and Country Club.

We would also like to recognize the Oakdale G&CC membership for the positive comments we received whenever we had a match. Countless times this year, we heard encouragement from club members wishing us good luck or simply welcoming us to the club. You will never know how much that means to the players in our program to be treated in this manner. Thanks for all of your cooperation and cordiality.

We would like to thank Club President Ted Thome, General Manager Rick Schultz, Head Pro Mike Dowd and all of the staff at Oakdale G&CC for your undying support of our program. Everyone continues to regard us with the utmost in courtesy and friendliness. When we play at Oakdale G&CC, every employee goes out of his or her way to make us feel at home. Other coaches and teams feel it is an absolute privilege to play at such an outstanding course. I am often told how much visiting teams look forward to the opportunity of playing at Oakdale G&CC and that it truly rates as “the best course in the valley.” We would also like to thank Mike and his outstanding staff for holding the clinic for our players. ALL of us took something positive away from your lessons. Our thanks once again to the entire staff of Oakdale G&CC for making this year’s experience a very positive one.

Our program would also like to recognize some very special members of Oakdale G&CC who continue to help our golfers with their generous donations of equipment and for the support that they give to Escalon High School Golf in general. To members, Mickey Schilber, Larry Elliot, Darryl Caton and Russ Ortloff, we thank you.

We could not end this letter without a huge “thank you” to Oakdale High School and their coach, Lee McGhee, for being so cooperative and helpful to our team. We could not choose better people with whom to share the course. The support and friendship that we have received from the Mustang Golf Program, over the years, can never be measured. We would also like to add a hearty congratulations to the Oakdale Golf Team for winning the VOL League Championship, the Divisionals, and to Ryan Jones and his outstanding effort in qualifying for the Nor Cal Championships. Thanks, Oakdale High, and once again, congratulations

We know that it sounds redundant, but we cannot express how fortunate we are in using Oakdale G&CC as our home course. Oakdale’s beauty, its charm and its challenges are like no other course in the entire valley. We are honored to use it.

We hope that our relationship with Oakdale Golf and Country Club can carry far into the future and that the Escalon High School Golf Program will always be welcomed by its membership and staff.


The Escalon High School Boys Golf Program