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Seeking Community Support
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Dear Editor,

I am a registered nurse at Oak Valley Hospital’s OB unit. We were informed, just days ago, by the hospital CEO that our unit will likely be closed down; no longer offering obstetrical services at Oak Valley Hospital. The final decision and vote by the hospital board is set for February 27th.

I love my job as a labor and delivery/post-partum nurse. It is a privilege and honor to be a small part of one of life’s most miraculous and amazing events...the birth of a newborn baby. Having the opportunity to care for women and their babies is a blessing. Our quaint, small-town maternity department at Oak Valley allows our staff to provide very personal and intimate care for our patients. We DO NOT want Oakdale and our surrounding communities to lose this vital part of our hospital services. Our pregnant patients deserve the option to deliver their babies at Oak Valley Hospital. And, our dedicated and nurturing staff wish to be able to continue caring for these women and their newborns for many years to come!

We need the support of our community. Your voice and opinion can make a difference and possibly prevent this closure and the loss of more than 20 healthcare jobs.

There will be two public forums prior to the February 27 vote. Please consider coming to both. The forums will take place on (Wednesdays) February 13 and 20. This is where the public can voice their concern about the closure and show support for the patients and staff. The meetings are scheduled for 6:00 pm and will be held at the Oak Valley Medical Plaza, 1425 West H St. - Royal and Charter Oak conference rooms, first floor. Your presence at the forums is very important. It will send a message to the CEO and hospital board members, that our community does not want to lose Oak Valley Hospital’s, much needed, OB department.

In the meantime, spread the word! Invite your friends and families to the forums. Share it on Facebook, write letters to the local papers, contact the hospital CEO and/or board members, 848-4102. We do not have a lot of time. You can find updated information on the following Facebook event page “Public Forums - Support and Save the OB unit at Oak Valley Hospital.”

Your time and efforts are greatly necessary and much appreciated.



Kim Paulus

Labor & Delivery RN at Oak Valley Hospital