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Regarding Bicycle Helmets
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Dear Editor,

I was inspired to write to you about the issue of ticketing children under the age of 18 and/or their parents, riding bicycles without helmets (CA VC Section 21212)

In the Wednesday, March 23, 2011 Oakdale Leader, Police Chief Marty West said he planned to increase traffic enforcement and gain compliance with the city’s dog licensing to greatly increase revenue for the city.

The field is wide open in Oakdale to ticket parents and children, particularly at the times that schools are being let out. I have seen children all over, Crossing F Street and darting around traffic with no helmets.

Wouldn’t it be sad if one of our kids was injured or died of head trauma while riding a bike? I myself am an adult bicycle rider and wear a helmet in spit of vanity because I don’t trust one single car I pass out there.

Let’s raise the city’s revenues and save kids by stopping these youth bike riders.

Laura J. Hoffman