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Re-Elect William Dwyer
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Dear Editor,

Oakdale is a wonderful place to live, located in the heart of California’s prime agricultural area but only a few hours drive to many metropolitan areas as well as recreational spots.

Also it is a great location to raise your children. The lifestyle is leisurely, safe and there are lots of activities, good parks and a safe atmosphere to create a good climate for children to grow. Educational opportunities are great in Oakdale. Education is the key to becoming a productive adult. Children learn how to be productive citizens through the educational process of K-12 grades. The schools in Oakdale have continued to grow by most any standards you would like to use: Academically, athletics, music and the arts, science, literature, and a career education all provide pathways to a rewarding and successful lifestyle. The schools have shown tremendous growth in the past 10 years. Citizens are proud of their schools. Students are proud of their schools. Teachers are proud to be working in Oakdale.

Leadership guides the direction that schools travel. I believe that part of the success that OJUSD has experienced is because Mr. Bill Dyer has been on the School Board for the past eight years or so. His experience, knowledge of education and concern for the educational well being of our students is obvious in his directions and decision-making. He is needed to help us through the financial challenge that Sacramento has led us into. Please join with me in re-electing Bill Dyer for another term of Trustee of the Oakdale Joint Unified School District.

Sid Lieb