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Please Consider Michael Ward
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Dear Editor,

Michael Ward is asking you to elect him to the position of City Treasurer.

I have supported Michael and for these reasons I hope you will recognize his abilities and also support him on November 6.

I have known Michael as a fellow neighbor, active volunteer with Oakdale Community Garden Club, very active member of the Oakdale Lions Club, a vital key player in the continuing success of the Oakdale Dinner Club, and an interested citizen who regularly attends the Downtown Merchants Association sharing thoughts and suggestions.

In my association with Michael I have known him to be a very outgoing and friendly person, very informed as to what he is doing, and very concerned about the future of the city of Oakdale.

I believe his professional training and his experiences in his professional working world have created a mindset that is very alert and articulate to the every detail that he may be working with.

I cannot think of a better match for the position of Treasurer than Michael Ward.

I hope you agree with my opinion, and vote Michael Ward on November 6.

William Dyer