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Part Of The Program
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Dear Editor,

While undergoing my annual physical examination in September of 2010 my physician informed me that I would, in all probability, need a complete hip replacement within the next two years. Not good news but plenty of lead time to prepare for it.

Doing research on the Internet I found that hip replacement is a pretty big deal, you know, like major surgery.

I had not been in a ‘gym’ in years but ended up in Oakdale at Fitness Plus where I met the owners Bryan and Corinne Ching. I explained to them my anticipated surgery that would be necessary in a couple of years. I asked them to develop a PROGRAM that I could follow that would put me in the best physical condition to undergo the procedure.

Well, two years later (October 2012), I had lost 20 pounds, significantly increased my upper body and leg strength and was ready for surgery.

I had successful surgery on Oct. 23, and came home to begin two months of physical therapy.

My point: While lying in bed looking out onto the patio I saw someone mowing the back yard. I asked my wife, what was going on? She replied that Bryan was there taking care of our yard. All part of the PROGRAM, he said.

Is living in Oakdale great or what? That is why you have to love this community.

Frank Clark