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One Of A Kind
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Dear Editor,

I read with great interest your articles concerning the CAPS volunteers and the number of hours these folks perform in service for the city of Oakdale. Bob Neathery is right on target in his clarification concerning volunteer hours, as the CAPS organization stands alone in regards to this issue. In fact, it is one of the reasons they do what they do so well because they are stand alone volunteers working under outstanding leadership.

I speak from experience because I was a CAPS volunteer. Although other pursuits in life caused me to leave this fine organization, I considered it an honor and privilege to work with these talented people who day in and day out performed their duties with little fanfare. To be able to touch the lives of so many people in Oakdale (my hometown) through volunteering with the CAPS was an experience few can really appreciate, but which I found richly rewarding.

Sometimes, in all the hype, focus is shifted in the wrong direction or is left to uncertainty. Be certain of this, though, the CAPS are a one of a kind organization. Few are able to match them.

Mike Costello