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Letters To The Editor
Letters to Editor

Support Library System


Dear Editor,

Voters in November will be asked again to vote in a county wide election to renew the eighth-penny sales tax to support our countywide library system. I hope you will vote yes on Measure S.

We need to keep this first-rate library system up and running for the thousands who use it daily. Approval by voting yes will protect the infrastructure we already have and allow for progressive advances in the near future.

I like the way our county library system aids all levels of education. For example, during the last recession public school libraries were cut back and they have not really recovered. The county library system took up the slack at a time of fiscal crisis. There are outstanding branch libraries in Oakdale and Riverbank that are packed with all they need including Wi-Fi for internet use and learning.

Students at our two- and four-year colleges can complete advanced research and studies at the library – even coursework that entirely is on the internet. The local main and branch library system is a key resource for their materials. Basic adult literacy is a main program at the county library.

The current county wide library system is one of the best ideas ever created in the county.

Daniel Marsh



Promoting The Arts


Dear Editor,

The 21st Annual Delicato Photography Show was again a success. One hundred and seventy photographs were received and judged. Photographers from cities throughout California came to the awards reception on June 24, meeting friends and exchanging ideas and new techniques.

We sincerely hope that those who came to the winery to view the photographs and voted for the Visitors’ Choice Award (won by Marj Whinery) enjoyed the show.

The media coverage that you and your staff provided helped a great deal in promoting photographic art as well as introducing visitors to what we have to offer in our area.

Several of the photographs from this show were purchased; some as gifts and others for hanging in the homes of happy art lovers.

Thank you again for your help in promoting art for all of us to enjoy!



Marie Mathews, Chairman