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Letters To The Editor
Letters to Editor

Casting Vote For Change


Dear Editor,

In rebuttal to letters from Mr. Dyer and Mrs. Bloomingcamp – stalwart Oakdale citizens, and doubtless good friends of Mr. Clark.

Have they ever watched neighbor’s wells go dry, and wondered if theirs were next?

Have they looked across the road to see sprinklers going full blast on hundreds of newly planted almond trees and prayed, yes prayed, their well would survive?

Have they turned the faucet on and said an audible “thank you, God” that you had water for your morning coffee?

Many of us believe that change is needed at the O.I.D. I will vote for Gail Altieri in the sincere hope and belief that she will help try to bring change about.

Sue Schlageter



OID Issues And Candidates


Dear Editor,

We need to make something clear for the voters. The issues that face OID do NOT include who’s a good person and who is not. Gail Altieri’s opponent, Frank Clark, is and will always be recognized for the contributions he’s made in Oakdale. That is not what confronts the issues facing our community and the OID Board of Directors. The issues are about groundwater pumping, water sales outside the district, abusive behavior towards constituents who address the board, failure to re-district 3 years ago to make voting districts more fair, giving low interest loans (3 percent) to a hedge fund doing business as a nut company, hiring PR firms using tax payer money, a 7,200 acre annexation for Trinitas LLC asking for a no negative impact declaration, and a whole lot more.

It’s NOT about personalities. It’s about issues, asking tough questions, being open and honest, etc. Gail Altieri has your back. She will represent ALL of you on ALL the water issues that face us now and will face us in the future. We support Gail Altieri for the OID Board, District 1.

Terry McConnell, Sue Meyer,

Andrea Medeiros, Robin Searway, Jamie Costa