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Letters To The Editor
Letters to Editor

Talking Integrity


Dear Editor,

I want to share with your readers an experience I had here in the lovely town of Oakdale. While dining with my family recently at the El Jardin Mexican restaurant, the waitress approached our table. She had some money in her hand and a sticky note. She proceeded to tell me that when we dined in the restaurant last October, we had left an exorbitant tip, probably by mistake as it was about equal to the bill itself. The she proceeded to refund the entire amount of the tip to me. I was in a state of shock – not only because she remembered us, but because she waited so patiently for our return visit. We’ve dined in that restaurant several times since last October, but that evening in early March was the first time we’d run across the same woman who had waited on us last October.

Folks, there aren’t many places where people behave with this kind of integrity. I believe it’s a reflection of our community. No, it’s not perfect, but it comes pretty darn close …


Robert Perri