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Letters To The Editor 9-19-18
Looking For OVHD Answers
letters to the editor

Dear Editor,

I have some questions to ask the Oak Valley Hospital Board members and those who are running for the election.

Why is there never any news or reports on the hospital’s services, updates, new doctors or any financial updates? What about District Board meetings, agendas and minutes? Shouldn’t that information be in our local newspapers for the community to read?

It’s been said that OVHD has $14 million in the bank; why is the ‘new hospital’ still not completed?

Why is a hospital that is ‘non-profit’ not reinvesting that money into the hospital services and the employees? There are currently more than 60 job openings at OVHS and it is always that way. I know many people who are qualified and have applied for jobs, via the online process. Many follow up by calling Human Resources. Not one of those people was ever contacted by the HR department regarding their application.

Why do we continue to pay on the $39 million tax bond, yet hear very little if nothing about any progress on hospital expansion, additional doctors or medical services? Is there progress? Any new services?

Why was the Maternity Department closed several years ago? Was that to save money? Now, any woman wanting to deliver a baby must go to Modesto for that care. Why did OVHD have to stop providing that much needed service?

Why are some OVHD board members still serving on the board after 20 or 30 years? It would seem term limits or some regulation should be in place to offer the opportunity for fresh ideas, diversity and more community involvement and decision making.

Why wasn’t there one woman employee from OVHD featured in the recent Leader’s “Women in Business” insert? Nearly every business in town featured one or a group of female employees in an ad. I feel like that was very disrespectful to the fine women who have worked at OVHD for many, many years.

Many questions and I have an answer, for starts. My family will be voting for Dr. Chet Mahida, as OVHD Elected Board Member. We respect and trust Dr. Mahida and appreciate the number of years he has devoted to OVHD and this community.

We need change, we need an Independent, Objective Board member and we can achieve that by voting for Dr. Chet Mahida for OVHD Board member. Your vote can and will make a difference! Please, don’t forget to vote!


Kay E. Martinelli