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Letters To The Editor 9-15-21
Letters to Editor

Grateful For The Honesty


Dear Editor,

I want to commend an Oakdale Good Samaritan and the Oakdale Police Department for the return of my motorcycle tank bag I had inadvertently lost after leaving a gas station a few blocks from the Oakdale police station on Aug 23. After a few miles I noticed the tank bag wasn’t on the tank any longer. Panicked, I rode back with our little group and tried to locate the bag to no avail. My phone, medications and quite a large amount of money were in the bag, so I was a little concerned with getting it back, as it would have meant cancelling the rest of the week’s trip to Pine Mt. Lake and Groveland area. We contacted my wife from Cahoots, where we had eaten lunch, and my wife said the phone was a couple of blocks away! She then advised us that the phone was moving and it was now, of all places, right next to or inside the police station. We rode to the police station and the bag had been turned in by the person that had seen it fall off my motorcycle when leaving the gas station. One of the police personnel (I forgot her name) had gone through the bag and had found emergency contact information and phoned my wife saying everything was intact and nothing was missing from the bag. A big sigh of relief.

All of this turned out as well as could be expected, as we all know not all people would have done the same as the Good Samaritan who picked up the bag. We have travelled through Oakdale many times in the last 20 years on the way to our cabin in Pine Mt. Lake, but never had the occasion to interact with the Police Dept. until then. Again, special gratitude to one of the fine citizens of Oakdale and to their exceptional Police Dept.

Daniel Fulmer,

San Francisco



Taking Pride In Choice


Dear Editor,

I am so proud and encouraged by the recent display of true leadership shown by the majority of 2021 Oakdale, CA City Council members. These council members, while respectful of others’ opinions and freedom of choice to wear a mask, are not in favor of mandating this on themselves or others. They are also aware COVID is now a part of life, added to previously known transmittable health and disease issues we have always lived with.

As a 40-year resident of the diverse, educated, informed, hardworking and common-sense Oakdale community, the calculated decisions of these council members represent our community well. Not the entire community of course. But yes, those in the community who would also respect the decisions made by all concerning COVID and other areas of risk in our lives such as driving or traveling in an automobile, etc. I am confident these informed, considerate, council members would support the right of others to do such things as stay home, shelter in place and isolate themselves for the remainder of their life if they feel to do so. This opportunity is available because of the freedoms of living in the USA.

In the meantime, we, and our friends and loved ones, will get sick and some will even die of COVID or other health and disease and health related issues. Remember, “For Every Thing There is a Season”, our life at some point will pass. Until then, we are blessed to enjoy the freedoms afforded to us in this country by those who have sacrificed so much. Let us be diligent in standing up for them with leadership and purpose displayed by the majority of the Oakdale City Council. And may God Bless America.

Kind Regards,

Marcus Haney