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Letters to the Editor 7-7-21

Celebration Was Truly Memorable


Dear Editor,

I want to congratulate the members of the OES (Oakdale Enrichment Society) and their volunteers for an incredible Saturday night at the rodeo grounds on June 26. The live shows were really good, something for all age groups. We observed ages from toddlers to seniors in their 90s. Very family friendly place to be. David Lee Murphy was fantastic! What a great show! The Fireworks Show was the best I have ever seen. It was wonderful that a small town such as Oakdale could put on such a big and wonderful and powerful display.

But most of all, I am so proud of the crowd that was there. Everyone was so kind, considerate, and polite. When they opened the gates so that people could go up to the stage, there was no running, pushing, shoving. It was very safe and the concert came alive. The crowd was wonderful, and David Lee Murphy was ecstatic.

All in all it truly was a step back in time when people were considerate of each other. After the event people were walking several blocks to their cars, friends, families, and neighbors were talking, laughing just enjoying a summer night out and at the same time feeling very safe.

I am so proud to be a part of Oakdale and Oakdale you did yourself proud! Happy 150th Birthday.

Di Kanz




Kudos To Jewelers


Dear Editor,

Thank you to Kim and Lori Contreras, Oak Valley Jewelers. During the pandemic crisis you were so kind to everyone. You truly make Oakdale a great place to live.


Marie L. Allenbaugh